When wendy grew up

A fever-dream retelling of J.M. Barrie's classic, Peter Pan, which follows Wendy's journey from London to Never Land, where she must face pirates, witches, and the inevitability of growing up. [#32, 2023]

Currently in post-production.

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The last Shoeslinger, Billy, must fight man-eating swans and spectral maidens in this final battle to seal the doorway between dimensions and protect the Dance World from a masked villain. The Fairies of the Seasons join Billy on his quest to save his home world, defeat his family's demons and reunite with the love of his life. [#11, 2008]

Awards & Screenings

  • Best of the Fest (Outhouse Film Festival 2009)

  • Best Genre Concept (Strawberry Jam Film Fest 2009)

  • Best Supporting Actress (Outhouse Film Festival 2009)

  • Wrath of Con (May 2009)

  • World Premiere (August 2008)

the incident with the magician

When the city's golden boy is discovered to be one of its most infamous villains, a reporter must uncover the truth behind the event that took him down and learn what makes a man a "good" guy or a "bad" guy. [#19, 2013]


  • World Premiere to Benefit the Baton Rouge Food Bank (April 2013)


Originally created as a six episode web series, this edit combines portions of each to focus on the story of an artist who awakens to find herself in a hospital that caters to victims of the supernatural. Using her unique ability to look inside other's memories, she begins to piece together the mysteries of the hospital staff and reveal the truth of her own traumatic past. [#21-26, 2014; Feature Edit 2022]


On the day of the big school dance, Sabrina catches her boyfriend, The Franz, flirting with the cute girl from across the street. As Sabrina plots her revenge, she soon discovers that this "girl" is actually a life-size doll created by the eccentric Dr. Coppelius. [#8, 2004]

Awards & Screenings

  • Best of the Fest (Outhouse Film Festival 2005)

  • Honorable Mention (Spindletop Film Festival 2005)

  • Best Supporting Actress (Outhouse Film Festival 2005)

  • Third Street Film Festival (December 2012)

  • Baton Rouge High Benefit (December 2004)

  • World Premiere (August 2004)

“It has a lot of heart and its simplicity to me sets itself apart from an ocean of common, hollow effect laden offerings I see.” - Buddy Greenfield, via IndieTalk


Forget the bright-eyed sweetheart you've seen in Tchaikovsky's NUTCRACKER ballet - this Clara is a rampaging, candy-craving diva who shows that Cajuns just go nuts at Christmas. This year her Uncle Drosselmeyer has decided to take her out of the bayou and on a magical journey that will either change her life for the better or end it entirely. [#6, 2002]

Awards & Screenings

  • Best Director (Outhouse Film Festival 2003)

  • Official Pointe Magazine Video Guide Selection (2003)

  • World Premiere (December 2002)

“Travis H. Williams, Baton Rouge’s answer to John Waters, has, in Nutshells, crafted a film with something for everyone.” - Smiley Anders

“”...an elaborate and ambitious story...” — Peter Bauer, Microcinemascene

ballet for children - unauthorized 3

In this, the first feature film from HP, a new Killer has emerged to seek revenge on Travis. To save himself and unmask the villain, Travis must expand his knowledge of the movement arts and travel to another dimension - the fascinating world of dance. [#5, 2001]

Awards & Screenings

  • Best Comedy (Outhouse Film Festival 2002)

  • World Premiere (November 2001)

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