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Awards and Screenings

the 54 day creep

When Reese indulges his Christmas spirit at midnight on Halloween, Sidney vows to make him spend the next year celebrating every holiday 54 days too soon. [#31, 2022]

must love board games

When Quinn meets David she has to decide if he is a worthy suitor according to the rules of dating and tabletop gaming. As the weekly game nights go on, the couple adventures through some of the most popular board games in the world and discovers the true meaning of romance. [#28, 2016]

Awards and Screenings

BoardGameGeek “Video of the Week” - Geek Weekly, October 24, 2016

“Love seeing creative and unique (and well made!) content about our hobby…Check out this great short film about love and board games…” - Rodney Smith of Watch It Played!

must love board games: the expansions

Roger's adventures in board gaming continue as he navigates the harsh landscape of balancing real world responsibilities with tabletop fantasies. [#30, 2019]


A hopeless dreamer drives from Louisiana to Tennessee in the hopes of meeting superstar Taylor Swift and changing his life forever. Along for the bumpy ride are his cynical brother and an amateur documentarian. Together they race against the clock, angry mobs, line dancers, and the demons of self doubt to catch Taylor in her one-night performance at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. [#16, 2011]



Realizing he was wrong to crush his little brother's dream of meeting Taylor Swift, Erwin takes it upon himself to crash the set of Taylor's music video in Austin, Texas and arrange a meeting between Marty and the country music superstar. Keeping up with Taylor in the city that keeps it weird is no easy task, and along the way they encounter a group of obsessed Swiftys, dangerous wildlife, and a mysterious man in a fedora. [#20, 2013]



Does abstinence make the heart grow fonder? This recent medical breakthrough could be just the birth control solution you've been looking for! [#14, 2011]

Awards and Screenings


Charles Dickens' Ghosts of Christmas Past and Christmas Present find themselves in a bar on Christmas Eve hoping to resolve their relationship troubles, but one of them has been keeping a big secret. [#18, 2012]


t.s. eliot

Wander the streets of historic Spanish Town, ponder the themes of a legendary writer, and play in the shadow of Louisiana's State Capitol in this music video for an original song by Ben Herrington. [#17, 2012]

Video Links

the day of the hedges

A bizarre mix of local heroes come together to take down an evil hipster that is crashing parties and stealing people's socks for sinister purposes. [#27, 2015]


no mutual friends

Jonathan learns the dangers of social networking when he invites the mysterious "Taylor" to a birthday party he is throwing for his neurotic friend, Nina. The colorful guest list gets shaken up when Taylor's taste for vintage goods, pyrotechnics, and drunken frat guys threatens to ruin the night and everyone's mental stability. [#13, 2010]



Six interconnected standalone short tales of the supernatural from the swamps of Louisiana.

fan films

Made for pop culture fans by pop culture fans, this collection includes nods to Star Wars, Twilight, and more.


Now more than two decades old, these are the first adventures of the Hedges Pictures crew.


Having grown tired of the routine imposed upon him by his wicked creator, the sad-face puppet Petrouchka attempts to escape his prison and liberate his human soul. [#7, 2003]

Awards and Screenings


Radioactive wind currents give birth to the Bye-Bye Man, who leaves destruction in his wake. This film was made as part of a 47 hour film challenge. [#29, 2017]


When a group of climatology students go in search of some lost equipment, they stumble upon Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau's most deadly secret. [#10, 2007]


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